Friday, November 16, 2012

PEACE PIES: Vegan, Organic, Gluten-Free

Peace Pies has two locations in Ocean Beach and Encinitas.
 OCEAN BEACH-- Peace Pies is a vegan restaurant in Ocean Beach, CA that specials in raw and live food. This means that they do not cook any of their food above certain temperatures in order to help maintain the body's natural balance. Although there are many vegan restaurants in San Diego to choose from, Peace Pies is unique because all of their products are gluten and soy free, AND because of the selection that they offer.

Some of these items include...

 Peace Pies' raw enchiladas
Peace Pie's raw sandwich with mock tuna and crispy kale chips. 

Peace Pies' raw cinnamon rolls made with almonds and other ingredients. 

Peace Pies can even create wedding cakes in vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. Their wedding cakes are made with dates, coconut meat, almonds, and other ingredients.